about me

Hey there!

With over fifteen years of creative exploration in the dynamic world of advertising, I’ve worn different hats – starting as a Designer, then navigating the Art Director realm, and finally landing in the role of a Creative Director. My journey has been a rollercoaster ride across various corners of Brazil, from Recife to Curitiba and São Paulo.

This ride has not only polished my design and art direction skills but also expanded my horizons in strategy, diversity, and team management. My diverse experiences have shaped me into the creative professional I am today.

During my memorable five-year stint at Mutato, I had the privilege of collaborating with some of the biggest industry players, including Samsung, Coca-Cola, Google, Netflix, Avon, and Itaú Bank. Together, we crafted concepts that transcended boundaries, with a sharp focus on social and digital realms.

My time at Avon holds a special place in my heart. I take immense pride in our collective achievements, where we spearheaded groundbreaking changes in the beauty advertising industry. We didn’t just sell beauty; we redefined it by championing inclusivity as a powerful business strategy. This narrative shift was showcased as best-in-practice at an SXSW festival panel in 2017.

The mission to instigate transformative changes around diversity didn’t stop at Brazil’s borders. I joined the Global team, where I was entrusted with crafting campaigns for a multitude of markets, from the UK and Italy to Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, the Philippines, and beyond.

After Avon, my creative journey continued with South America’s banking giant, Itaú Bank. Here, I identified and harnessed opportunities for meaningful real-time conversations across all Itaú brands, including Credicard and Itaucard.

Independently, I had the pleasure of collaborating with MESA Company, co-creating campaigns for Google Brazil. I also served as a Consultant Creative Director for AB Results, focusing on B2B solutions in the clothing market. Subsequently, I ventured into the world of startups as a Design Lead for Gal, an innovative salon aggregator, enhancing the beauty experience.

Collaborations also took me to W3 Haus, where we launched a skincare line for Boticário, a renowned Brazilian beauty brand.

My journey culminated with an invitation to lead Johnson & Johnson Brazil’s first In-House Agency Team. Here, we transformed digital ad campaigns into creative extensions of authentic content tested organically on our platforms. The impact of our work extends beyond borders, with content reaching Chile and Argentina. We even delivered an In-House Agency campaign that introduced Neutrogena’s essential Gen Z products in the form of a TikTok reality show – Hydro Boost Brazil.

Beyond agencies, I’m passionate about projects that resonate with my beliefs. I once created a digital magazine to curate and document visual references. Most recently, I had the privilege of crafting a visual concept for the first film directed by a transgender man in São Paulo, titled “I Need to Say I Love You.”

So, there you have it – a glimpse into my creative journey, peppered with passion, innovation, and a hint of rebellion against the ordinary. Let’s connect and explore how we can create something extraordinary together.