Victor Di Lorenzo

Designer and Senior Art Director

Throughout more than fifteen years as a Designer and Art Director, I have worked for advertising agencies across several culturally diverse areas of Brazil, including Recife, Curitiba and Sao Paulo. All my experience has provided me with many opportunities to deepen my conceptual skills and enhance my knowledge in strategy, diversity and team management.

Having worked at Mutato for five years, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with the biggest brands in the industry, such as Samsung, Coca-Cola, Google, Netflix, Avon, and Itaú bank, developing concepts for campaigns focused on social and digital.

Working for Avon, I’m proud of my accomplishments in help driving historical changes in the local beauty advertising industry.  By conceptualising and selling broader “inclusivity” as an authentic, compelling and progressive business strategy – versus often ingrained normative beauty standards – my team was able to successfully promote all kinds of beauty from Brazil’s incredible mosaic of ethnic and cultural diversity. Back in 2017, we had the honour to have this narrative-shifting work showcased as best-in-practice in an SXSW festival panel.

Continuing the mission of implementing disruptive changes around diversity not only in Brazil but to all the other Avon markets, last year, I also worked as a creative for the Global team. I was responsible for developing campaigns for several markets, such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, the Philippines, and more.

After Avon, I’ve had the pleasure of working with another giant: Itaú Bank, the biggest Bank of South America, an operation designed to identify and create opportunities of relevant conversations in real-time for all Itaú brands, such as Credicard and Itaucard.

In October 2019, I got an invitation to participate in a project for MESA Company to develop a new parent targeted campaign for Google Assistant, and, at the moment, I’m working at Gal, a new startup business focused on aggregate salons which and them deliver predictable and affordable beauty experiences. 

In addition to my creative work in agencies, I have a varied interest in other projects that speak to my beliefs. A few years ago, I developed a digital magazine to gather and document visual references. Most recently, I also had the pleasure to create a visual concept for the first film directed by a transgender man in Sao Paulo, called I need to say I love you.

Here’s my curriculum.