Contains Gluten featuring Rico Lins

Contém Glúten (Contains Gluten) was a project that I have been part of with other designers and illustrators.  As a group, we used to make a curatorship of visual references and presented them in a digital magazine through a website.

One of these collaborations has led me to co-create with Rico Lins. Designer, art director, illustrator, educator and curator, he has worked in the past 3 decades between Paris, London, New York, Rio and São Paulo.

This collab happened back in 2012, and we’ve wanted to create a discussion around street art expression, using wheat-paste material (known in Brazil as “Lambe-Lambe”), mixed with new technology emerging at that time, the QR code. The platform we have chosen to print this material was an old school typography offset method where you design your poster with wood elements inside the machine.

The opportunity to co-create with Rico and have access to this incredible vintage method was really extraordinary to me.

Concept, Art Direction, Production