(r) Exist


To create this year’s campaign for one of the most influential LGBTI+ cultural festival of the world, the 26º edition of the Mix Brasil Festival, we have accepted the challenge for developing something relevant and connected with the times we are living in Brazil (in the cultural, social and political aspects).

In order to achieve this, we came up with the following idea: the creation of a film that would bring warmth to the hearts of the LGBTI+ community and people who were and still are feeling reclused by the results of the 2018’s presidential election (the majority of Brazilians have elected a homophobic, far-right President in Brazil).

We told our story through the song “Flutua”, originally sang by Johnny Hooker and now re-interpreted by Ivana Wonder, in a nightclub – as our temple of resistance, as the lyrics embody the key message saying that “they’re not going to win, nothing (the fight and struggle) will be in vain” in an uplifting mood.

At the end of the film, suppers address the main message: “No one can say how we should love, express ourselves and (r)exist”.

Concept, Art Direction, Script and Production.
Mix Brasil Festival
Mutato | Wunderman Thompson Brazil