what does define you?


For the campaign of the Big & Define mascara, we’ve developed a concept based on the impact that a fierce positioning can have, and how that fierceness can become a statement, that can be showcased even trough your eyes.
To support with an empowering message, we’ve connected the use of the mascara with a way to make a statement with your eyes. In this campaign, we have invited the famous Brazilian singer Karol Conká and two other new voices: MC Carol and MC Lay. Two rappers and one funk MC together to show us a new perspective on how a fierce look can help you tell your values as a first impression, with the tagline “what does define you?”.

This was a joke we did with MC Carol to drive attention to the power of her eyes. The game is to instigate the viewer to blink first. It has become viral and has achieved more than 60k likes and 35k shares without any paid media investment. It’s become a case for Facebook Brazil of how a simple and right-to-the-point content can generate even more awareness when it is delivered to the right audience.

Concept and Art Director
Avon Brazil
Mutato | Wunderman Thompson Brazil