Botik Skincare

In 2020 I was invited by the Brazillian Agency W3Haus to help launch a new skincare line for Boticário. The strategic aim was to increase accessibility and understanding of skincare routines and treatments for the public. To drive engagement we partnered with Lilia Cabral, a charismatic telenovela actress. As our spokesperson her key messages broke down the impenetrability of complex additive and ingredient terms, providing consumers the confidence to provide themselves the self care they deserve. Noting the new reality of “self care in quarantine” we chose to shoot all ads for TV and social media using the intimate medium of person-person video chat.

As a social media brand co-host, we also teamed up with Cacau Protasio as a new advocate of better skincare. As a comedic and charismatic television actress Cacau successfully connected with consumers through informal Q & A sessions, discussing the best Botik routines for a black skin.

Art Direction, Concept
O Boticário
W3 Haus