Wear Your truth

Eve Truth is a flanker from the Eve Discovery collection, sold globally.

Our challenge here was to create a concept that worked with several Avon Markets, such as the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Mexico and more.

To achieve that, we (me and my creative partner, Vikki Góis) have chosen to work with the perception of how a woman sees another, with the lenses of trust and intimacy without over-sexualization nor competitivity. That was a big difference in comparison to how Avon had been creating their fragrance campaigns over the years. In this film, we don’t showcase a polarized view of sensuality, neither notable inspirational and unreachable landscapes. We chose to introduce sorority and intimacy themes, making Truth connect to a more sensorial vibe.

This campaign also marks a historical change in cultural direction: it was the first Avon campaign to feature a black woman in a commercial conceived for the Russian market (as it was the first one to launch the fragrance). We are very proud of this courageous stand from the company in promoting the importance of racial diversity through their communications everywhere.

Besides the digital film, which was so successful that ended up setting a new concept for the actual TVC featuring actress Eva Mendes and all its additional flankers, we’ve developed a full range of assets for digital platforms and a full communication’s guide (on branding and reach) for each Avon proprietary channel across the globe.

Art Direction, concept
Avon - for global markets
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